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Does Adgreencoat Contribute to my LEED points

Due to the lower carbon emission Adgreencoat will contribute to your LEED registration points

What is Adgreencoat ?

Adgreencoat is a Globally Patented Nano Technology Heat Reflective Paint

What is Admafine ?

Admafine is the working ingredient in Adgreencoat, Admafine consists of microscopic spherical oxide particles produced by oxidizing meal powders using an original technique known as the VMC Method

Is Adgreencoat solvent -or waterbased ?

Adgreencoat is a waterbased acrylic coating, it is an eco-friendly product which has several green markings amongst others Japanese Industrial Standard and Carbon Offset Japan

How does Adgreencoat save money ?

Due to the decrease of the inside temperature your costs of running air conditioning will come down significantly. 1 Degree Celsius reduction will save between 6-9% on your utility bill.

Why is Adgreencoat Different from other heat - reflective paints ?

All other heat-reflective paints are based on NASA technology spherical particles, which are hollow ballons sized 50 to 300 microns, compared to 0.2 to 20 microns being the size of Admafine.? This results in a smoother finish which brings a higher reflective rate of 97% instead of 83%.? And Admafine are solid beads so not as vulnerable and will last much longer, that's why we give a 5 years guarantee, instead of 1 or 2 years.

How long is the life cycle?

This is 10 years, Adgreencoat comes with a full 5 years guarantee.

What surfaces can be painted ?

Steel, Concrete, Slate, Brick, Wood, Glass, Fiber and more

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