Our Features

Safety and Smart

Adgreencoat prides itself to be non-toxic and non-hazardous - for both the enivornment and for whoever applies it. Its also very easy to apply and due to the even distribution of particles, the produc

Energy Saving

With no less than 97% reflectivity Adgreencoat is the best reflective coating available on the market. Due to the unique heat releasing effect the internal temperature is reduced substantially. Conseq

Eco Friendly

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Therefore, when developing Adgreencoat,we made sure it is inorganic, water-soulble, water-soluble, non-hazardous and non-toxic.

Economic Benefits

Using Adgreencoat, you will drastically reduce your energy consumption save upto 25% on your electricity costs. Al this and no compromise on the quality.

Green & Eco Marks

Adgreencoat’s unique environmental friendly features have not gone unnoticed: we received several gr Green marks and eco marks: Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and the prestigious Eco Award 2006,


Admafine the active ingredient in Adgreencoat has a unique and uniform shape & size. This gives a smooth outer surface resulting in zero waterlog ensuring longer life for the coating.