Technical Data Sheet DAT

Product Description

Adgreencoat® EX is a highly functional coating material, To single formulation degeneration acrylic ester plastics, with the unique dual function of not only efficiently shielding solar heat but also exhausting heat without trapping the absorbed heat in the coating layers.

Intended Uses

For cooling surfaces, such as roofs, external walls, tanks, containers etc.

Colour :

Volume solids :

VOC content :

TVOC content :

Specific gravity :

Thickness :

Theoretical Coverage :

Practical Coverage :

There are 14 colours available, see colour table.

52 + 2%

26 g/L EU Solvent Emissions Directive (council Directive 1999/13/EC)

0.07 mg/ M2*Hr EU Solvent Emissions Directive (council Directive 1999/13/EC)

1.3 ~ 1.4

40-60 microns per layer, 2 layers required

10 m2/litre – 50 micron per layer

Allow appropriate loss factors

Drying time Over Coating
Temperature Touch Dry Hard Dry Minimum Maximum
10°C / 50°F 5 hrs 7 days 1 day 14 days
25°C / 77°F 2 hrs 7 days 3 hrs 14 days
40°C / 104°F 1 hr 7 days 1 hr 14 days

Surface preparation

Intended Uses

Primer :

Water or solvent base primer (adhesive test) 40-60 microns

Steel surfaces :

Remove rusted spots, cracks, bulges, with disc sander, wire brush, etc. Then perform high-pressure washing and let dry sufficiently.

Surface Preparation new buildings walls and roofs :

Sufficiently dry the surface (less than 10% water content, less than 10ph).Remove refuse, dirt, etc, and make holes, nests, bumps, cracks, etc. flat and smooth.

Surface preparation walls and roofs :

Remove bulges, peelings areas, vulnerable areas in existing coat using a repainting building sander, sandpaper, or other means, Minimize dirt, dust, chalking, etc. by using a high-pressure wash(15Mpa pressure) sufficiently dry the washed surface.

Application conditions :

Do not apply this product at a temperature of < 5˚ or > 50˚.Humidity should be < 85%. Do not apply this product in the rain, snow, or strong winds. Provide covering from weather in the case that rainfall or snowfall is likely after the coating work. When night time temperatures will fall below freezing, do not starts the coating work in the afternoon. When there is rain or dew condensation within 24 hours after the coating work, uneven coloration may appear due to the influence of water. As this product is a water-based coating, it takes time to dry. In the case that high humidity, night dew, morning dew, dew condensation, squalls, etc. are likely to occur, stop the coating work early in the day and dry the coated layer before sunset. Perform the coating work with proper care, as insufficient drying may lead to dripping-off, uneven or detachment of the coating. Do not apply this product in the places or during the seasons where there is always dew condensation. Do not apply a thick coat of the base material at once as the coated layer may crack

Application :

Method of application : Air spray, Brush, Roller
Clean up: Clean all equipment immediately after use with water. All surplus materials and empty containers should be disposed of in accordance with appropriate local regulations.


Max 5% (by weight)

Shelf life :

1 years indoors, away from direct sunlight, at a temperature between 0 ˚C and 40 ˚C. Ensure an appropriate storage area during the coating work. (Cover this product with a sheet or something similar if a proper storage area is not available)

Safety :

Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and paint containers, consult Material Safety Data Sheets and follow all local or national safety regulations.